When it comes to multi-tools for knives and tools, there are a number of options to choose from.

Tack hammers

Tack hammers are lightweight hand tools for nailing small pieces of wood.

Hand Tools

One of the most important hand tools for woodworking is the hammer. There are many different types of hammers. Some are electric while others are pneumatic. There are even some special hammers for woodworking. Many different jobs can be done with a hammer, but their purpose is still the same: to hit a hard object with a large, impactful blow. A cordless router is also extremely portable. Smaller tasks can be accomplished with a six-inch square, but larger projects may require a more extensive tool. 

large projects

Therefore, if you’ll be using a combination square for large projects, you should opt for a sixteen or twenty-four-inch square. While they’re usually not designed for heavy work, they can be very useful for light projects such as hanging fabric to a frame. 


tack hammer

A tack hammer is perfect for nailing small, curved nails and screws into wood. They can be easily carried around and are ideal for projects requiring fine control. They also have magnetic heads, which helps you drive tiny nails more accurately.

trim hammer

Another type of tack hammer is the trim hammer. This is similar to a chisel, but is a hammer. This hammer has a flat face and two faces. The first face is flat, while the second face is round. These hammers are used by carpenters and Masons.

essential tool

The tack hammer is an essential tool for woodworkers. In addition to their many uses, they are inexpensive and lightweight, making them a great choice for smaller projects. Chasing hammers are also common in the jewelry industry.

woodworking tool

Rasps are a woodworking tool with a wide range of uses. They can be used for shaping and carving wood. They come in different shapes, including rounded and squared off versions. Some rasps also have shaped tips, which allow you to use them in difficult to reach areas.



If you’re looking for a woodworking tool with a nice handle and a long blade, you may want to invest in Narex rasps. The rasps have an ergonomically-designed wood handle with a stained finish. They also feature a brass ferrule. For finer work, however, a riffler rasp is more suitable.



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